GolfBOSS: Created by Golfers for Golfers          BBB A+ rated

golferHello and welcome to GolfBOSS™ – the most unique golfing device in the world! The GolfBOSS™ is a patented product that will help enhance your natural golf swing. It’s about better flexibly for a better golf game and in a nutshell it’s the BEST OPTION FOR A SMOOTHER SWING.

GolfBOSS™ was developed by Dr. Rey Ramirez, PhD (Flexibility and Sports Physiology), and Mr. Rick Trevino. They’ve dedicated themselves to producing quality products that help the human body naturally improve. When they realized that golfers could benefit from their research, they produced a product catered specifically to them. There’s no other device like it on the market.

As a golfer, you use a lot of torque and speed when driving or setting up your approach. If you don’t maintain a reasonable amount of flexibility in your hips, shoulders, arms, and wrists, you will probably get injured at some point. The GolfBOSS™ is designed to help prevent injuries that can keep you away from the game you love.

AS PART OF YOUR FITNESS PLAN: The goal is to improve your flexibility and fitness by targeting specific muscle groups commonly used when playing golf.  By adding the GolfBOSS™ to your regular fitness routine, you can help prevent common injuries associated with the sport.  This is because the GolfBOSS™ mimics the normal range of motion you use when playing sports, and will also improve your FITNESS.

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Which product is best for you? product descriptions are below:

Driver: 42″L 1.5lb-7lbs. same length as standard driver shaft. Developed to help the golfer stretch properly and reduce the risk of injury. But when used as directed will also help you hit the ball farther and straighter. Videos will navigate you on the proper use of the Iron.

Iron: 36″L SW 1.0lb-5lbs. same length as the standard iron shaft. The iron can help you stretch and reduce the risk of injury. But when used as directed will also help your mid-game as well as putting. Can also be used as part of your daily fitness regimen. Can be used by individuals of smaller stature and teens to help both drive the ball and their mid-game as well as putting.

GolbBOSS™ Jr. tailor made for children. Between 28″-32″ designed for ages 6-12. When used as directed will help with swing dynamics, and discipline training.

All our products can be used as part of your daily fitness program. Contact us for more information on fitness plans using the GolfBOSS™ line of products.